Azerbaijan National History Museum

Analyses of the carpet collection
Analyses of the kilim collection
Analyses of the fabric collection
Analyses of archeological textiles

Dyestuff analyses were performed on historical and archaeological textile pieces in the Azerbaijan National History Museum, and reports were written to assist in their restoration and preservation.

Analysis of a carpet (Inventory number 1116) yielded the following:
Red: Alizarin, purpurin, rubiadin (Rubia tinctorum L.)
Blue: Indigotin (Indigofera tinctoria or Isatis tinctoria)
Green: Ellagic acid (Quercus infectoria Olivier or Quercus ithaburensis), indigotin (Indigofera tinctoria or Isatis tinctoria)
Yellow: Luteolin (Reseda luteola Weld.)