DATU Presents Natural Pigments Collection

The Turkish Cultural Foundation (TCF) Cultural Heritage Preservation and Natural Dyes Laboratory (DATU) is pleased to present a collection of 30 colors of natural organic lake pigments.

The DATU Pigment Collection is the largest such collection and represents the first of its kind produced from dye insects and dye plants indigenous to Turkey.

The pigments may be used in decorative arts, as well as in the restoration of paintings, frescos, miniatures, paper marbling and illumination art. The collection also includes detailed certificates about the chemical and physical properties of each featured pigment and information on which natural source it was derived from.

Turkey is home to the richest flora in the world and natural dyes had been used for centuries to create the most precious Turkish textiles. TCF-DATU aims to promote and preserve Turkey's rich flora and its textile heritage, as well as spread the use of natural dyes. For this purpose, DATU has been a leader in natural dyes research and has provided pro bono analytical services to museums in Turkey and other countries, helping to preserve historical textiles and revive traditional Turkish woven art.

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