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Kerria lacca Kerr
Colors Obtained
Vermilion, Red - Violet, Red, Pink
Dye Ingredients
Lacaic acid A, lacaic acid B, lacaic acid C, lacaic acid D, lacaic acid E.
This insect is found in India and Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand , Malaysia , Cambodia , Laos , and Indonesia . These insects are not bound to a specific host plant, but rather settle on quite different varieties. The wingless, fertilized females settle on young twigs of the plant and begin to suck the sap. They secrete a resin-like material that eventually covers the whole colony and forms a mass around the twigs that encloses the insects, which contain the dyestuffs. These twigs are gathered and treated. The crusty mass contains two groups of useful   substances: red dyestuffs for dyeing and resin for   shellac for furniture and other items.