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Anatolian Buckthorn

Rhamnus petiolaris Boiss
Colors Obtained
Olive Green, Orange-Yellow, Bright yellow, Khaki
Dye Ingredients
Rhamnetin, rhamnezin, quercetin, kempferol
The tree-like Anatolian buckthorn grows to ten feet and has thorns. The insignificant greenish yellow flowers produce berries that long remain green and then finally turn brown or black Rhamnus petiolaris is endemic to Central Anatolia , where it grows on rocky soil at altitudes between 3,300 and 8,300 feet , now often wilder than the earlier plantations. This species of buckthorn, one of 22 in Turkey , was cultivated in the 20th century. There were plantations of buckthorn near Kayseri , Tokat, Nevsehir, Nigde, Ankara , Maras , and Konya .