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Anatolian Buckthorn

Rhamnus petiolaris Boiss
Colors Obtained
Olive Green, Orange-Yellow, Bright yellow, Khaki
Dye Ingredients
Rhamnetin, rhamnezin, quercetin, kempferol
Historical Data
Buckthorn berries are an old Turkish dye source, whose dyestuffs can be identified in Turkish carpets from the 15th to 17th centuries. Until the beginning of the 20th century, the dried, unripe berries were exported for their dyestuffs - mainly for silk - around the world. Other species of buckthorn, such as rock buckthorn (Rhamnus saxatilis), are not native to Turkey but rather to large areas of Europe , where their dye qualities have been known and valued for centuries. The dried, unripe berries of Rhamnus saxatilis were exported from Persia to Europe , where they were in demand as Persian berries."