Projects Served On

He served as organizational director for the 27th Dyes History and Archaeology meeting. He has also served as a judge for many articles to be published in international science journals."Investigation, Revival and Optimisation of Traditional Mediterranean Colouring Technology for the Conservation of the Cultural Heritage" SIXTH FRAMEWORKPROGRAMME FP6-2003-INCO-MPC-2, 2006-2009. The Dyes on the Silk Road, UNESCO Project, 1993. Turkish Textile Historical Research Project, Türk Ekonomi Bankası, 1992. DOBAG (Cultural Heritage Preservation and Natural Dyes Laboratory) project, Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, 1989-2001. Palmyra Textile, DAI (German Archaeological Institute), GDAMS (Project of the General Administration of Antique Works and Syrian Museums Project. German Embassy of Damascus, Göthe Institute, IFAPO (French Archaeological Institute), IFEAD (Arab Institute for French Studies), 1993-1999. Sultanahmet Mosque Carpet Replacement Project, Istanbul District Governorship, 2001-2006. 7th “Masado Textiles Project, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Institute of Archaeology. 2005. “Promotion and Sales Consulting Education Project for Cultural Decorative, Touristic Giftware.”