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Golden marguerite

Anthemis sp.
Colors Obtained
Olive Green, Yellow, Khaki, Canary
Dye Ingredients
Luteolin, apigenin, quercetin, az miktarda diğer flavonoidler
The various species of the large group of plants known as Kamillen in German are members of the Daisy or Aster Family ( Compositae = Asteracae). The largest genus is that of the Anthemis . In Turkey alone, 50 species are known. The differentiation of them is difficult. The genus is still in evolution. From our experience, at least ten species are suitable as dye plants. Three will be presented. They are species that can be found in almost unlimited numbers and whose use is recommended: Anthemis chia, the golden marguerite (or yellow chamomile), Anthemis tinctoria, and Anthemis tomentosa . From the genus Tripleuspermum , which is represented by 24 species in Turkey , the scentless Tripleuspermum maritimum will be introduced. The so-called true chamomile, Matricaria chamomilla, will close the series of these genera.