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Reseda luteola L.
Colors Obtained
Olive Green, Yellow, Bright yellow, Khaki
Dye Ingredients
Luteolin, apigenin.
The olive colour in Nubian textiles (beginning of 6 th century BC) was obtained from weld and iron mordant. According to many receipts the importance of the weld dyeing increased in the Middle Ages. Great quantities of seeds of weld and residues of other dye plants, were found on several urban sites in England , in York (mid 9th - mid 11th century), in Bristol and Beverley (13th 14th century), and in Scotland , in Perth (11th century). According to the merchant Florentin Francesco Balducci Pegolotti, weld was exported from the countries specialized in weld cultivation to various countries: To Italy, Cyprus and Syria . Until the end of the 19th century, weld was cultivated intensively in England , Belgium , Germany and France .