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Berberis crataegina DC
Colors Obtained
Yellow, Bright yellow, Medium yellow, Canary
Dye Ingredients
Historical Data
This barberry has been repeatedly mentioned as a dye plant in Turkey (Korur 1937, Esberk 1939, Mairet 1916). During World War I, the tents of the Turkish army were dyed with it. Into the last half of the 20 th century, its bright yellow roots were still sold there to make dye. European sources document the use of barberry as early as the 14th century (Cannon 1994, p. 78). A barberry from a different genus, Mahonia japonica SPRENG., has been cultivated in Japan for several centuries but came originally from China . This evergreen tree grows to ten feet. Its bark is the main source of the dyestuff berberin.