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Dyer's Alkanet

Alkanna tinctoria Tausch & Arnebia densiflora
Colors Obtained
Dark Brown, Red - Violet, Brown
Dye Ingredients
The stems and leaves of this perennial dyeplant are covered with stiff hairs. The branching stems are 4 to 12 inches long and are semi-upright or lie on the ground. Its dark blue flowers grow in clusters. Distribution: Mediterranean area, on dry and sunny wasteland, often along the edges of roads. Material used for dyeing: Bark of the roots.

Historical Data
Dyer's alkanet has long been cultivated. The roots were used by the Romans to provide dyestuffs for fatty cosmetics and sweets, to give wines a darker colour, and often misused to adulterate or as a substitute for the true purple dye from snails.