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Tyrian Purple

Hexaplex trunculus L.
Colors Obtained
Dye Ingredients
6-bromoindigo, 6,6'-dibromoindigo, indirubin, 6-bromoindirubin, 6'-bromoindirubin, 6,6'-dibromoindirubin.
This Aegean theory of the discovery of purple dyeing, however, is inconclusive as it is based on indirect archaeological evidence. Although a molluskan purple paint pigment was discovered at Thera, no such purple residue has yet been found from an archaeological Aegean site in a dyeing context, such as on a vat fragment. It is a safe, politically correct archaeological course to take in stating that, whereas the Minoans and related peoples may have discovered this dyeing craft, history has nevertheless correctly credited the Phoenicians with, at the very least, perfecting the industry and producing royal purple-dyed textiles prized above all others.