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Tyrian Purple

Bolinus brandaris L.
Colors Obtained
Dye Ingredients
6,6'-dibromoindigo, 6,6'-dibromoindirubin, 6-bromoindigo
Mediterranean sea, West Africa coast, depth of 10 150 m Pliny suggests collection before the spring Colour precursors are contained in the hypobranchial gland.

Historical Data
(a) Possibly used in antiquity for marking (painting) cloth by direct application. (b) It was used as a vat dye, for wool and silk, probably mixed with other species, from ca. 2000 BC in Crete and later, Tyre and on all the Mediterranean coast. The large-scale use ceased in 1453 AD. (c) It was used as a pigment for wall painting. See Hexaplex trunculus L. for more detailed historical data.