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Chrysanthemum sp.
Colors Obtained
Olive Green, Orange-Yellow, Bright yellow, Khaki
Dye Ingredients
Luteolin, apigenin.
Chrysanthemums are also members of the aster family (Compositae = Asteraceae). Widely distributed are Chrysanthemum segetum and Chrysanthemum coronarium. The latter is the better dye plant of these two, as its predominant dyestuffs luteolin is little affected by light. It grows in the entire Mediterranean region, to the east as far as Iran . It grows on cultivated and uncultivated soil, also often under olive trees, and develops large colonies. It is also cherished as a decorative plant. The related variety, Chrysanthemum coronarium (var. discolor), has ligulate flowers that are white outside and yellow only inside. Its dyestuffs, however, are identical to those of Chrysanthemum coronarium.